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- Our Story -

It all began in 2011 when we decided to open the first Italian Restaurant in Dunfermline High Street


Our restaurant showcases Italy’s favourite regional dishes. Inside, the mood is cheery & modern, while the bright, wide-ranging menu is peppered with classics such as spaghetti Carbonara and lasagne, alongside clever creations ranging from traditional ‘gnocchi’ to "parmigiana" . Ingredients are carefully sourced, dishes are packed with flavour, & the concise, wine list comes with helpful tasting notes. Helpful staff know their gnocchi and pizzas – & do find time to answer questions, despite the brisk pace

“Tasty food  as a way of life.” 

 -   Fife Night Out  -



“Forget the motherland - The best Italian food
is made right here in Dunfermline.”

-  Inside Fife  -

“If Pasta could sing!”

-  Eating Out  -

* * * 
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